Welcome to the first voicemail prompt for Today's Special. The question is: What do you eat when you know no one is watching? I'm interested in your private food desires, weird idiosyncratic combinations of things, and your habits. Do you always eat this standing up? Never before noon? Aways while distracted? Is this very different from your public eating tendencies or style? Does this habit/desire bring you joy, shame, or something entirely different? Feel free to interpret this question however you like. If you have lots of private food experiences, or ingredients you gravitate towards, feel free to list them. For years, I've had this late at night private eating thing, where I combine slices of raw garlic with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese and a corn chip. I'll settle for a cracker, but corn chips are best for the crunch. I will never make a plate of these ingredients and sit down. I'm always standing at a cutting board: slice garlic, slice cheddar, grab chip, combine, eat, repeat. I do this until I've consumed a whole damn clove of garlic. Sometimes my tongue burns. K, your turn. You don't have to leave your name, but you're welcome to. Either way, hi-thanks for taking the time to do this. The button's on the right. It should give you 5 minutes. You have until December 1st, 2016. xx